1. I’ve been getting a ton of requests for prints of the two photos I posted from of Hayley Williams from South by Southwest when she was a guest during What’s Eating Gilbert’s set this year, which is awesome! If you are serious about it email me at lexiealley@gmail.com. I will only be doing a very limited amount and I usually don’t sell prints, so get them while you can.


    All will be original high quality prints, not computer print-outs. 
If you decide you want both, I will give you the second one for 30% off (if you chose two sizes, this applies to the lowest rate)

    4x6 version - $11.00

    8x12 version - $20.00

    All payments will be done through PayPal so they are secure and will be sent out to you as soon as possible.



    Happy money spending!

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    some of my favorite shots ever! make sure to pick up these amazing photos from lexie because she ROCKS
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